Our reports are a series of accessible and timely reports on key themes in sustainability and resilience. These are based on original research, literature reviews or ongoing discussions with our local, European or global research communities.

Initial exploration of technological developments and resilience impacts

This exploration provides a structured, consistent and accessible approach to identifying and communicating the key characteristics of specific technological developments, and for making initial judgements on their potential resilience impacts.

Carbon landscape a pre-COP21 perspective (Hannah Eskell)

Businesses operating in the UK are increasingly required to comply with a raft of environmental regulation and legislation relating to their carbon emissions as well as their broader energy efficiency.  In addition, companies must consider the changing cultural backdrop which is leaning towards green investment and polluter divestment.  In this report we consider the impact that current and future regulatory developments are likely to have on UK businesses and the environment in which they operate.  We also consider the extent to which the UK is on track to meet its carbon reduction targets and any factors that may influence its progress.