Research papers 2021

University of Cardiff – PhD placement

Novel Genetic Entities - GMOs within the planetary boundaries framework by Fiona Messer January 2021

The planetary boundaries framework was developed by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. This defines a ‘safe operating space’ of human activity within the Earth System. There are nine key processes, the transgression of which would result in unacceptable levels of global change. One of the boundaries is for ‘novel entities’. These would include new and exotic forms of toxic compounds, nanomaterials, plastics and micro-plastics, cellular agriculture, engineered bio-based materials – and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

This paper explains what GMOs are and how they affect the environment within the context of a safe operating space. The exploitation of novel entities by human activity and the interactions with other earth system function (other planetary boundaries) makes for highly complex systemic effects. Read: 202101 Novel Genetic Entities...

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