Global Goals

Resilience and Sustainability

Is it Resilience or Re-silence? Are we creating a  sophisticated form of oppression, restoring to the status quo without addressing fundamental inequalities. Is resilience subversive? Resilience is a radical alternative that introduces critical thinking into governance. It can defend the existing neoliberal order or it could undermine that order and lead to transformation.

  • Sustainability is not going away – the issues are worsening
  • Path dependencies and vested interests have locked us in
  • Global, top-down governance is weak
  • Voluntary, bottom-up approaches lack scale
  • Change will only come from crises
  • Preparing for change and resilience thinking are emerging
  • Building resilience may perpetuate the status quo but it could subvert and transform

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aka Global Goals

The importance of cities to sustainability is clear – 80% of global GDP is estimated to be produced in the world’s urban areas; cities account for 70% of global energy demand, and 80% of all carbon emissions. The SDGs could be strong drivers for change but what are the implications for the many different types of city across the world? What can Bristol contribute? How does the city’s Resilience Strategy fit with the Global Goals?

We are exploring the connection between resilience and sustainability by publishing thoughts and reports. Here is some of our latest work:

Nov 2016 Resilience And Sustainability Challenge Paper (0.5 MiB)

Aug 2014 SDGS And Cities (96 KiB)

Aug 2014 Lessons From The MDGS (0.3 MiB)