Prepare for Change

Who is looking out for your future? What opportunities are waiting for you?

ProjectsFrom resource constraints and shifting patterns of energy supply to changing weather patterns, social disruption and emergent technologies – nothing stays the same for long.

Prepare for Change (P4C) is a service for people in all organisations who need a long term, strategic perspective. It presents what might be coming towards us and how changes might affect the communities in which organisations operate and the markets they serve.

We collect world-wide opinions, forecasts and predictions about complex global issues and we relate these to the ‘here and now’ – what are the threats and what are the opportunities?

The service combines ‘horizon scanning’ with regular themed workshops to think through the systemic consequences of all types of change for organisations and communities. This places the monitoring in real life contexts and highlights the likely challenges and opportunities for creativity across all sectors.

Our work is in four areas:

  1. Resilience thinking is at the core of Prepare for Change
  2. Global Goals – connects resilience to sustainability
  3. Resilient Communities – our conferences encourage dialogue
  4. Bristol Resilience Network – practical association in a city

Resilience thinking

Global Goals

Bristol Resilience Network