The Schumacher Institute’s established programme of learning courses includes: Systems Thinking for Effective Action, Sustainability Toolkit and Pale Blue Dot. All have been well-received by participants.

Systems Thinking for Effective Action

“I would highly recommend this course if you are looking at understanding a new approach. It will be unlike any other course you have been on before, but you will not regret it.” Zoe Olsberg, Business, Marketing & Communications Strategy Consultant

“Want a course to change your life? Systems Thinking for Effective Action revolutionised my business.” Esther Forman, Director at the Social Change Agency

STEA 2014

Participants at Systems Thinking for Effective Action (2014)

“Learning some of the theory behind Systems Thinking, meeting other people who are being the change in the world and finding a resource pool for inspiration. I wasn’t disappointed by any of it.” Bernadette Rochford

“This is a comprehensive introduction to systems thinking and complexity. It covers a huge amount of ground in an accessible way: Martin is a great resource, and Hawkwood a lovely venue!” Kate Swade, Development Manager at Shared Assets

I personally found Systems Thinking for Effective action a very powerful course. The tools and processes I learned and discovered enabled me to develop an appreciation for my own capacity to create change by altering the way I act in the world.” Andy Shipley, Fellow at Clore Social Leadership

Pale Blue Dot Org

“The  Pale Blue Dot course was a great introduction to systems thinking, and has taught me to take a step back, question the status quo and consider better ways of getting things done. Everything I learned on the course I found to be instantly applicable to both my personal and working life and it was great to share this journey with an engaged group of fellow learners. Taking this course has equipped me with the skills and the confidence to explore new ideas, pursue new ventures, and make lasting connections with other sustainability professionals in Bristol –for which I am very grateful. Highly recommended!” Jessica Ferrow, Network Co-ordinator at Low Carbon South West

“If you are fed up of your organisation approaching each task, problem and issue in silos with limited success, I would highly recommend you consider taking the Pale Blue Dot course.  It’s a chance to reflect on your own management style in a non-judgemental way, talk through and try new approaches and test out new ways to address problems. The course is supported by a wealth of reading materials which I will no doubt be revisiting long after the course has finished.” Nina Skubala, Initiative Manager at Business West

Sustainability Toolkit

Doing the Sustainability Toolkit course gave me a much broader and deeper perspective on both our world and myself. I now look at things very much from a systems viewpoint, which is a great reliever of stress – knowing that perfection is unachievable, and that every ‘mistake’ is an opportunity for learning!” Peter Thompson, Chief Technical Officer at Predictable Network Solutions