Richard St George Scholarship

Our colleague and friend Richard St George sadly passed away in November 2011. To honour his memory we have created the Richard St George Scholarship Fund to support our students. Please help us to make our courses available to everyone – we welcome any donation, big or small.

Julia Ankenbrand was awarded a Richard St George Scholarship in order to enable her to join the Sustainability Toolkit Course. She says;

I first got in contact with the Schumacher Institute because I wanted to learn more about systems thinking. It is not surprising that I then wanted to do the Toolkit, which the Richard St. George Scholarship made possible for me.

Four months into the course, I am experiencing how wide reaching its effects are. I don’t only learn about systems thinking, I get the chance to explore and internalise the systemic approach and to essentially make it part of my own thinking. This has proved to be even more valuable for my perception of the world around me and myself than I had hoped. I am more than grateful to be given the chance to do all this.

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