Scenarios +

Scenarios + A framework for sustainable and resilient service development in a changing world

What is it?

Our Scenarios + programme is a facilitated systems approach for sustainable service and business development. From a public body seeking new effective means of service delivery in an age of austerity to businesses looking for the latest opportunity in an ever-changing market, we can help you. Our facilitated Scenarios + workshops can:

  • Develop cross team working within your organisations, making the most of the talent you already enjoy
  • Obtain information and insights about long-term trends, enabling you to innovate, anticipate and plan for change
  • Identify and implement flexible and responsive practices to increase sustainability and resilience of your organisation and its impacts for society
  • Effectively identify and integrate social and environmental value into your business operations without jeapordising your bottom line
  • Create opportunities for effective new working partnerships and discover how new perspectives can add value to your organisation.

How does it work?

As a flexible and engaging approach to problem solving in a complex environment, Scenarios + is an iterative process that is modular and can start at any point in the cycle. Our team can, therefore, offer support at any stage of a project.

Scenario Planning is a workshop-based approach that enables key stakeholders to explore and understand the external factors that impact on society and business. This starts you off on the right foot, highlighting the potential opportunities and risks going forward.

Service Design is a customer or user-focused approach to service and product development. It enables organisations to see themselves from their customers’ perspective helping them to understand the ‘value’ being supplied. This approach has been successfully applied to both traditional ‘services’ such retail and transport, but also product design, across the public, private and social sectors.

Brief Development is a project formulation process that takes into account accumulated and collective knowledge. It recognises stakeholders whose input is critical to identifying impacts, risks and opportunities. Brief development takes a through life stance, seeking to balance stakeholder needs including those of service users.  It is principally undertaken as a prelude to the signing of contracts and as such plays a critical role in determining project and, therefore, service outcomes.

Test and Update processes recognise that environment, society and business do not stand still. Testing new ideas quickly enables businesses and organisations to stay ahead of the trends maximising the effectiveness and attractiveness of their service offering.