We work with clients to understand  their existing and anticipated needs and how we could meet these.  Our systems thinking expertise and global research experience has left us well-equipped to deal with the challenges that lie ahead.

Initiative Homes
Many of our client engagement activities highlighted the acute housing shortage as a major issue, as well as significant growth in community responses to this problem. As we have many associates with architectural and construction industry experience, we decided to explore what support could be provided.

This consultancy service brings together this wealth of knowledge, in order to provide an accessible support service for those developing community housing projects. Offering advice and information, we work in partnership with these groups to help them create affordable and sustainable homes.

For more information contact Michael Clinton, MSc, Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems or call +44(0)776 357 7125

Scenarios +
We provide facilitated workshops for long-term strategic planning and operational decision making, our Scenarios + programme explores how global issues affect organisations. By bringing together the experience and talents of key stakeholders from across an organisation, these workshops support the participants to identify opportunities and risks and how these can be mitigated or utilised in a sustainable, resilient and inclusive way.

Scenarios+ draws on valuable information gathered by our horizon-scanning project, Prepare for Change. This collects early and weak signals, forecasts and predictions on topics as wide-ranging as technology, resource and energy management, climate change, supply chains and many more.

People Matter
This involves ‘Human Factors’ – to which we bring systems and sustainability insights (social, economic and environmental) thinking. We offer consultancy and training that combines systems thinking with human factors insights and experience.  We have a track record of stakeholder engagement, analysis and research.

Systems Thinking for Problem Solving
These collaborative inquiry programmes are for shared interest groups (small businesses, community groups, teams within larger organisations etc) that feel stuck in some way, unsure how to move on from a problem or issue they are facing.