Mission Statement

The Schumacher Institute is an independent organisation that studies the sustainability of our complex systems – in the long term and in harmony with natural processes.  We invite policymakers, practitioners and communities to join us in making sense of our interconnected world.

We contribute to the transformation of society, so that countries and communities can converge to similar levels of development within the limits of the earth’s resources, and with increasing equity for people today and for future generations.

We help people prepare for a future in which disruptive change will happen with increasing speed, and will demand a high degree of adaptability.

We build on the ideas expressed in the works of E. F. Schumacher, particularly appropriate technology at the right scale, local actions, peace and non-violent approaches, simplicity and the sense that all people matter.

The Institute:

  • is independent of vested interests, including political parties
  • is willing to challenge orthodoxy and to think radical thoughts
  • champions diversity
  • monitors the world we live in and assesses the work of others, incorporating other worldviews as appropriate
  • seeks to demystify the world, and makes its outputs comprehensible to everyone.