Good Works Publishing

Good Works Publishing is a workers’ co-operative established by four staff and research fellows at the Schumacher Institute: John Blewitt; Emmelie Brownlee; Tom Henfrey; and Jenneth Parker. Working in partnership with the Institute and other like-minded organisations and individuals, it will provide an independent outlet for high quality, cutting-edge work on 21st century sustainability, equity and inclusion.

Good Works Publishing aims to develop, renew and rearticulate some of the many values, ideas and insights of E F Schumacher for our fast changing and increasingly perilous 21st century. Later this year we will launch two major book series: Schumacher Futures and Disruptive Sustainabilities. Both series will produce texts in a variety of formats, will aim to generate wide ranging public and expert discussion and will be very reasonably priced. We will be developing a ‘network marketing’ approach and will be asking all our contacts to assist with this.

Schumacher Futures will address a variety of contemporary issues and challenges via full-length books, shorter focused texts following in the footsteps of the highly respected Schumacher Briefings published by Green Books between 1998 and 2009, and short reports. Disruptive Sustainabilities will interrogate and critique movements, ideas and concepts that have, so far, rarely been addressed from a sustainability perspective.

Information for Contributors to edited volumes

We are delighted that you are publishing with us and hope that you will find this a good experience. Our aim is to make your work as widely available as possible. Copyright for the final edited volume will remain with Good Works, but the text will remain author’s intellectual property (except for cases where editing amounts to joint authorship).

We intend to raise book development and publication costs from a variety of sources including crowd funding and to pay for work at professional rates. Contributors to edited volumes will not generally be paid but we will provide copies of the final paper print version to contributors. Royalties for edited collections will generally be payable to editors to be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Between us our team has considerable experience in publishing, editing and writing – but we will be learning as we go. We will need feedback from you and will be pleased to hear your suggestions. For further information contact: