Systems, Sustainability and Me

Do you want to be more effective in a complex world?

Have you heard about systems thinking and wonder what it is, whether it might be useful and what it means for sustainability?

Do you want to find ways to make your life and work more meaningful, to live closer to what you believe and value?

Do you want an easy enjoyable introduction to systems, to find out how systems thinking is relevant to you? 

Systems, Sustainability and Me

A one-day course to introduce and explore the relationship of systems and systems thinking to sustainability, your life and your livelihood.

systems flowerYou will explore your assumptions and beliefs to establish how you see the world and the effect this has on how you act.
You will consider whether there is a prevailing way of seeing the world and explore how deeply this affects us all.
You will learn about systems and their characteristics and what sort of thinking you need to deal with complexity and uncertainty – systems thinking.
Finally, you will learn how to use action experiment, the key tool for applying systems thinking in your life and work.

When and where

The course will be when and where you want it to be. As an example, Westminster Hub recently organised this course on a Saturday. The Hub organised and publicised it, setting a price of £95 per person.

Feedback from participants on Martin Sandbrook’s previous courses:
“Martin Sandbrook has put together a really great course. It will literally change the way you think”. Penny Nagle
“I would highly recommend this course if you are looking at understanding a new approach and it will be unlike any other course you have been on before but you will not regret it.” Zoe Olsberg
“Martin Sandbrook is a great resource”. Kate Swade.

Facilitator: Martin Sandbrook, MA, MBA, MSc
Director, Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems

Taster: To get a feel for what is in this course, for the materials on offer and for Martin Sandbrook, visit

Want more information or to discuss how we might set up this course together? Email Martin Sandbrook