Pause for Effect – developing effective leadership in a complex world

  • beePause for Effect develops your ability to deal effectively with complex challenges.
  • You will explore a different way of seeing the world and the practical skills to apply needed for effective change.
  • The course is run by Martin Sandbrook, who has long experience in leadership and management, and in teaching.
  • For deep learning, the course is 3 two-day workshops, 2 months apart, away from day-to-day distractions.
  • It costs £900
  • For more information, contact Martin Sandbrook

“Martin Sandbrook has put together a really great course, and I loved the mixture of systems ideas and then practical experimentation with systems thinking. This course will literally change the way you think”. Penny Nagle – Clore Leadership Programme

The Effect:

This course will:

  • Help you to understand and deal with the complexity and uncertainty, which you, and all of us, face.
  • Reawaken your curiosity, your desire to learn, your creativity, your readiness to experiment.
  • Enable you to be more comfortable with yourself and the challenges you face, in work or life, and explore how to move toward finding solutions.
  • Show you a route to making and leading change, liberating your values and good intentions and finding more effective ways to communicate and interact.

Here’s how:

  • riverYou will look at your assumptions and beliefs, and the effect these have on how you act in the world.
  • You will recognise that we have been brought up with the unrealistic belief that there is a solution to everything – where we are all car-mechanics, ready with our spanners to fix even the most intractable, wicked problems.
  • You will consider the reality of the many complex systems of which you are a part, learning how to recognise how they work.
  • You will develop a way of being and acting in the world, appropriate to engaging with and leading in this complexity and uncertainty, addressing your challenges and liberating your good intentions and values.
  • You will learn how to apply this way of being, sometimes called ‘systems thinking’, to be more effective in thought and action.

The Pause part
Pause for Effect involves deep learning and development. To allow you to reap the full benefit, the course is spread over 3 two-day workshops, each two months apart.

The course takes place away from the hurly-burly of your every day life, in the tranquility of Summerhill, (located in the Cotswolds countryside, just 1.5hours from London Paddington).

You will be treated to wholesome home-cooked food, and cared for by Bud Sandbrook, in the warmth and comfort of Summerhill. If you need it, there is some overnight accommodation here, or we can recommend a local B&B.

Absolutely lovely atmosphere in which to explore the subject, much nicer than a heartless training room in an office block. Martin and Bud were so welcoming and Summerhill had a lovely calm but homely atmosphere which I found ideal for this type of learning. The food was scrumptious and the refreshments plentiful and just what I needed.” Penny Gruffyd, Swansea City Council

You will be in the company of, no more than 5, fellow-learners, allowing you the opportunity to share and deepen your learning with each other.

Your tutor and course guide will be Martin Sandbrook, who has extensive experience in systems thinking and in the facilitation of courses.

The course begins with the first of the three two-day workshops. The second workshop will be 2 months later and the third two months after that. We will discuss and finalise dates to find the best fit for all potential participants.

The course costs £900 per person. It is possible to pay in instalments. The Institute also has a bursary scheme.

To find out more or to apply, email Martin Sandbrook 

Here is what some previous participants have said:

“Thank you for a brilliant course. I found the whole experience very inspiring”. Claire Mellier-Wison, Sustainability Engagement Practitioner

“If you are looking for a course that will help you challenge the disjointed / clunky systems in which you live and work, then look no further, this is the course for you.”

“Many thanks again for a hugely inspiring and enriching course”. Emma Ashru Jones, Engagement Lead at