Our learning programmes are designed to equip people with the understanding and tools that will enable them to develop a more meaningful and sustainable life on both personal and work levels. We offer a range of programmes in the areas of sustainability with systems thinking.

We realise that not everybody is able to afford to attend these courses. We have therefore developed the Richard St George scholarship fund - we welcome donations to this. 

  • Systems Thinking for Effective Action is a programme for those interested in using systems thinking to make us more effective in action. It is long enough to allow time for reflection, some deep learning and to practice ideas in action - but can easily be balanced with full-time work. 
  • Pale Blue Dot Org is an established leadership development and networking group that meets regularly to learn and take action together. It is designed to provide you with the tools to pioneer new management approaches that can generate sustainable change and market advantage. 
  • aSALT is a collaborative inquiry course is designed for those working for justice, peace and sustainable co-existence with the natural world.  It’s a practical response to the experience of activists and change agents who, being really engaged with their cause, sometimes burn out, lose hope or connection with mainstream society. How do we keep going with joy?